Ramadan Kareem History Significance Of Ramadan Holy Month

Ramadan is a holy month of fasting, suicide, and prayer for believers, Muslims. It is celebrated as the month when Muhammad made the first disclosures of the holy Quran for Muslims. Fasting is one of the five basic principles of Islam. During Ramadan, Muslims do not eat every day from sunrise to sunset.

They should also avoid dirty thoughts and mistreatment. Muslims have taken daily breaks with family and friends, and the end of Ramadan is celebrated with a three-day festival, called Eid-Fitr, one of the biggest holidays in Islam. There is. Ramadan always falls in the ninth month of the 12-month Islamic calendar, and Ramadan 2020 starts at sunset on Thursday, April 23 and ends on Saturday, May 23.

Islam in A Nutshell:

Islam is the second-largest religion in the world after Christianity and has over 1 billion followers. Islam originates in Arabia and has spread throughout the world.

The most populous countries are Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran. It is estimated that there are 70 million Muslims in all 50 US states, as well as Islamic places of worship called mosques.

Muslims believe that around 610 AD. Cr. A man from the Arab city Mecca by the name of Muhammad (c.570-632), through the angel Gabriel, began to preach the revelations of God or Allah. The revelations were gathered in a sacred book of 114 chapters called the Koran (or Koran), which Muslims believe contains the exact words of God.

Muhammad, according to the Muslims, is the greatest prophet among the prophets (including Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus) whom God has chosen to be a messenger and to teach humanity. Muslims believe that there is a knowing God and that people can be saved by following His commandments. In Arabic, Islam means “surrender” or “surrender” (before God).

Officially known as the Five Columns of Worship, one of the pillars of Islam is crucial to Muslim life. The pillars include martyrs (Declaration of faith: “There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God”). Prayer (Muslims pray five times a day); Zakat (charity); EIS).

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When Is Ramadan?

Ramadan 2020 starts at sunset on Thursday, April 23 and ends on Saturday, May 23. Next year, Ramadan 2020 will begin at sunrise on Monday, April 12 and end on Tuesday, May 11.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic month of 12 months, a monthly calendar based on monthly phases. The monthly calendar is shortened by 11 days.

Therefore, Ramadan does not start on the same day of each year but passes overall seasons in time.

Why Is Ramadan Celebrated?

Ramadan is mentioned as the month when Muhammad first revealed what became the holy book of Allah – the Koran – for Muslims.

The Qur’an says:
“The month of Ramadan is the one in which the Qur’an is revealed, with clear instructions and guidance for people. So anyone who sees [the new moon], quickly.”

Ramadan Rules:

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from morning till evening. Eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activity, as well as obscene or impure thoughts and words and immoral behavior, are considered to be avoided.

Ramadan is the time to be put on hold. Fasting is considered a way to purify the soul and is sympathetic to the hungry and less fortunate in the world. Muslims go to work and school and take care of their usual activities during Ramadan. But some also recite the entire Qur’an, say special prayers and frequent mosques.

All Muslims who have reached puberty and are in good health should fast. The disease and the elderly are not taxed on travelers, pregnant women and breastfeeding men, although in the future you will have to spend a few days without forgiving the job or feeding the poor.

The first meal on the first day of Ramadan is called Saur. Every day breaks with a meal called Iftar. The date traditionally used for the job. Iftar is often a large-scale invitation celebrated with family and friends. Food types vary by culture.

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